Rick Moreno is the certified financial and tax consultant at HR Moreno Tax Service.  Rick graduated from the University of Southern California from the Marshall School of Business.  Upon graduating from USC, he was employed in the investment industry.  The firms he has built his business knowledge from are Northern Trust Bank, T. Rowe Price, Deutsche Bank, and Wedbush Securities. He also has extensive experience as a multi property investor, and specializes in how to be financially successful by applying U.S. tax law for these types of investments. HR Moreno Tax Service specializes in individual and business tax and financial services.  We have offered business services to our clients since 1970.  Our objective is to provide all our clients the best solutions and strategies that may reduce or eliminate tax liabilities by applying U.S. tax code. Being well informed of all your tax options is critical when planning for your financial future.  In order to accomplish your financial goals, tax and financial planning is a key component when it comes to preparing and saving for your future. Whatever financial bracket you fall under there will always be tax saving solutions that must be calculated and factored in to your specific financial situation. 


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